Lonton leads new employees to the factory

Author:yameng Time:2018/11/28

The weather is not very good today, it is foggy. But it does not affect the enthusiasm of the boss to lead new employees to study in the factory. Everyone is ready to go early in the morning, and can't wait to see the charm of our products.

The first is the exhibition hall. The boss wants the employees to see the shape and operation of the finished product. Of course, our active employees take tape and notebooks and measure and record information for learning.

In order to let employees learn better, the production workshop is also an important project for visiting and learning. Here we can see every careful and rigorous production process. It can enable employees to fully understand the production process and operation principle of the products, so as to provide customers with more detailed and high-quality services. The boss also asks questions from time to time, and the whole learning process is easy and enjoyable.

I hope that employees will cherish the precious opportunity to enter the factory for learning. In order to better develop the company in the future, we will work hard together!

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