Giant Discovery Rides

Author:yameng Time:2018/08/21

Big pendulum is one large amusement equipment. Usually using in different major amusement parks, and this equipment is very popular which has a certain recognition in international.

This equipment composed of swinging and rotating motion. It is made from support frame, boom, cockpit, and an active platform. The degree of swing can be realized from 45°to 360°.

Big pendulum amusement ride has two transmission methods, upper transmission and down transmission. Technical are different between down transmission big pendulum and the upper transmission giant discovery rides. So the price is slightly different. (Specifically refer to the article).

Lonton Amusement park equipments big pendulum equipped with safety control cabinets, which use unique PLC programming to make the equipment operate safely and easily. There are three safety insurances distributed on the cabins, which are safe and secure, allowing passengers to enjoy the game excitingly while ensuring their safely.

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